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SP 856 Oil Filter ALCO

SP 856 Oil Filter ALCO

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All our equivalent filters are manufactured to directly fit the factory filters and are a direct replacement for original equipment filters.

Brand Part number
AC Delco PF1130
AC Delco PF1150
AC Delco PF2044
AC Delco PF2046
AC Delco PF2200
AC Delco PF27
AC Delco PF964
AC Delco X2
AC Delco X4091E
AC Delco X4201E
AC Delco X47
Agco 30-3498395
Ahlmann A1H4123
Alco SP-856
Almig 57200222
Amazon B0CW6LBXZ8
Ammann 1-1174418
AP Lockheed AP1162
AP Lockheed AP3205
AP Lockheed AP3205A
AP Lockheed AP3210A
AP Lockheed AP3216A
AP Lockheed LK-1162
AP Lockheed LK3205
AP Lockheed LK-3216A
Asahi AMC KO-1545
Asahi AMC KO-1577
Asahi AMC NO-245
Atlas Copco 100263
Atlas Copco 1160-024
Atlas Copco 1202-8495
Atlas Copco 1202-8495-00
Atlas Copco 1323-6002-5
Atlas Copco 1.61E+09
Atlas Copco 363031
Atlas Copco 831038
Atlas Copco 9709-0011
Atlas Copco 9709-0011-00
Atlas Copco 9710-0405
Atlas Copco 9712-5401-03
Atlas Copco 9712-5401-203
Atlas Copco 9790-1543
Baldwin FBW-BT292
Baldwin BT292
Baldwin BT356
Bell 220010
Benford 8007042
Blue Print ADL MTW16
Blue Print ADL MTW27
Bobcat Melroe 4119775B
Bomag 5710639
Bomag 5710639
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 2012H
Bosch 451-104-004
Bosch 451-104-066
Bosch 451-203-218
Bosch 72116
Bosch 9.18E+09
Bosch 9-450-732-012
Bosch BOF1049
Bosch BOF3218
Bosch F026408904
Bosch OF116
Bosch P3218
Bosch P4066
CAP CAP310858
Case IH NH 3116609-R92
Case IH NH 3116609-R93
Case IH NH 3136046-R91
Case IH NH 3917868-R1
Case IH NH 5E+08
Case IH NH 711922
Case IH NH P1350576
Case IH NH S-1350576
Case IH NH V37546
Caterpillar 1R-0734
Caterpillar 3I1263
Caterpillar 5W-5887
Caterpillar 5W5887N
Caterpillar 5X5001
Caterpillar 9N-5680
Caterpillar 9Y-4474
Ceccato 640211
Claas 13016390
Claas 1301639
Claas 5919130
Claas 116002.4
Claas 130163
Claas 13016390
Claas 13016391
Claas 3270240
Claas 591913
Claas 591913
Claas CT6005000735
Claas CT6005024443
Clark 3779685
Clark 4119775
Clark 844213
Clean DO236
Clean DO236D
Coles 8989748
Compair Holman 9.83E+12
Compair Holman 9.83E+12
Coopers Fiaam AZL055
Coopers Fiaam AZL055A
Coopers Fiaam FN4653
Coopers Fiaam FT4653
Coopers Fiaam FT5411
Coopers Fiaam FT5955
Coopers Fiaam LSF5144
Coopers Fiaam Z436
Coopers Fiaam Z72
Crosland 376
Crosland 660
Delphi Lucas CAV F3781
Delphi Lucas CAV F6465
Demag 20608940
Demag 5500774
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1160024
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1173481
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1174418
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1182553
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 0150-15-75.10
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1160024
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1160024ES
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1174381
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1174418
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 1182553
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 150-15-75-10
Deutz AG Fahr KHD A14H4123
Deutz AG Fahr KHD A1H14123
Deutz AG Fahr KHD A1H4412
Deutz AG Fahr KHD AH14123
Deutz AG Fahr KHD BO150157510
Deutz AG Fahr KHD TN01160024
Deutz AG Fahr KHD TNO1160024
Digoema DGM0940/5
Digoema DGM/O49/5
Digoema DGM/O940/5
Ditch Witch 195814
Donaldson LFP552819
Donaldson LFP555240
Donaldson LFP559418
Donaldson P172503
Donaldson P550710
Donaldson P551297
Donaldson P552819
Donaldson P555240
Donaldson P559418
Donaldson P779128
Donaldson P779141
Donaldson P779622
Donit 431062
Doosan Daewoo L141099
Drott 1350576
Dynapac 747284
Dynapac 747289
Dynapac 903941
Dynapac 925676
Ecoair BN08434
Ecoair F402351082
Ecoair N09202
Eurogarden 4301700
Evobus Setra
Evobus Setra 8.300.001.024
Evobus Setra 8.300.100.540
Fendt F100001160024
Fendt F100001173481
Fendt F100001174418
Fendt F100001174481
Fendt F119200060020
Fendt F245203010020
Fendt F275203010020
Fiat 1902135
Fiat 252031
Fiat 61584009
Fiat 9460223
Fil ZP509
Filtration FTL1546
Filtration FTL1563
Filtration FTL1575
Filtration Control FCL7135
Filtron OP647
Filtron OP647T
Filtron OP657
Fini 48129000
Finlay 15020795
Finn FFUP408
Fleetguard FFG-LF4056
Fleetguard HF6159
Fleetguard LF3331
Fleetguard LF3417
Fleetguard LF3653
Fleetguard LF4056
Fleetguard LF708
Fleetguard LF760
Fleetrite HFR86159
Fleetrite LFR83331
Fleetrite LFR83417
Fleetrite LFR83653
Fleetrite LFR84056
Fleetrite LFR8708
Fleetrite LFR8760
Ford 276516
Ford 5000861
Ford 5010666
Ford 9276516
Ford A730X-6714-HA
Ford A730X-6731-A1A
Ford A820X6714SA
Fram PH2842
Fram PH2931
Fram PH3551
Fram PH4557
Fram PH6923
Gehl 4.91E+11
Genie 62430
Giesse CLH350/1
Greyfriars 924S
Greyfriars 935S
Greyfriars 941S
Grove 3.31E+08
Grove 9.41E+09
Guiot GH2842
Hamm 231495
Hanomag Henschel 922853
Hanomag Henschel 921853
Hanomag Henschel 922853
Hanomag Henschel 9.71E+08
Harnischfeger 221046Z71
Haulotte 2.4E+08
Hengst H170/1W
Hengst H17W04
Hengst H17W10
Hengst H17W27
Hesston 734988
Hifi Hirschi Jura LE654
Hifi Hirschi Jura SH56130
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO105
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO654
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO7023
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO7239
Hydrovane 57562
Hyster 3000538
Ingersoll Rand 35292358
Ingersoll Rand 39329602
Ingersoll Rand 91605204
Ingersoll Rand 93568285
Ingersoll Rand 97127328
Iveco 1902135
JCB 46/030802
JLG 7014503
Jungheinrich 27307050
Kaelble 406-00-493
Kaelble 860-08-50177
Kaeser 893770
Kalmar 9.24E+09
Kassbohrer 711-922-853
Kassbohrer 800-100-540
Kassbohrer 830-000-1024
Kassbohrer 830-010-0540
Komatsu 600-211-5213
Komatsu 600-211-5214
Komatsu 600-211-5240
Komatsu 600-211-5241
Komatsu 600-211-5242
Komatsu 600-211-5242E
Komatsu 600-211-6140
Komatsu 600-211-6140L
Komatsu 600-211-6230
Kralinator L72
Kramer 1140201
Kramer 4.51E+08
Kramer 1E+09
Kramer 1140201
Kramer 4.51E+08
Kubota 60021-1623-0
Kubota 70000-14648
Lamborghini 0.0150.591.4
Lamborghini 1505914
Lamborghini 5914
Lautrette ELH4305
Leybold 20009161
Leyland Daf BL 690260
Leyland Daf BL 5103133
Leyland Daf BL 690260
Leyland Daf BL GFE154
Leyland Daf BL RTC1165
Leyland Daf BL UE40893
Liebherr 5106133
Liebherr 5.11E+08
Liebherr 5502455
Liebherr 7005658
Liebherr 7020038
Linde Lansing 9830627
Linde Lansing 1.6E+11
Linde Lansing 8E+09
Linde Lansing 95000510
Linde Lansing 9830127
Linde Lansing 9830627
Linde Lansing T707014017
Luberfiner LFH4207
Luberfiner LFP18
Luberfiner LFP2312
Luberfiner PH2819
M MH326
M MH341X
M MH394
Maco Meudon 527266
Mahle Knecht AW42
Mahle Knecht AW5
Mahle Knecht AW512
Mahle Knecht AW52
Mahle Knecht FO436/1
Mahle Knecht OC26
Mahle Knecht OC50
Mahle Knecht OC54
MAN 67.50358.596
Manitou 1173481
Manitou 137183
Mann FMH-W940-5
Mann 6.75E+09
Mann W9301
Mann W940/29
Mann W940/32
Mann W940/5
Mann W94098
Mark 640140
Massey Ferguson 2999976-M1
Massey Ferguson AMO42902
Mecalac 537A0344
Mecalac 7413563
Mecalac E7413563
Mecalac E741356300
Mecalac O537A0344
Mecalac Y104002T0000
Mitsubishi 34440-22100
Mitsubishi 492500
Mitsubishi FP100074
Motaquip VFL167
Motorcraft EFL224
Motorcraft EFL315
Motorcraft FL1997
Motorcraft FL292
Multipart 644654
MWM 6.0541.18.8.0009
Napa 1283
Napa 1609
Napa 1768
Napa 3681
Napa 4050
Nippon Denso 1.15E+09
Nissan 58396-47601
Nissan 58396-47601B
Noitech NO011980
Nordberg N05502217
Orenstein and Koppel 44667
Orenstein and Koppel 103843
Orenstein and Koppel 103872
Orenstein and Koppel 103901
Orenstein and Koppel 1215291
Orenstein and Koppel 1415291
Orenstein and Koppel 44667
Orenstein and Koppel 49809
Orenstein and Koppel 83972
Pegaso 637122
Permatic ELH4704
Permatic GL681
Pneumofore 40873
Poclain 243252
Poclain 13505-76
Poclain 2432-32
Poclain 2432-50
Poclain 2432-52
Poclain 8888-667
Poclain 8888-840
Poclain E02432-52
Poclain R09505-59
Poclain S13505-76
Porsche 9.11E+10
Porsche 9.11E+10
Porsche 916.107.754.00
Porsche 930.107.764.00
Porsche 930.107.764.01
Powerpart AM042902
Powertrain PMFL57
Pro FH236
Pro FH5680
Pro FH719
Purflux 6.12E+09
Purflux LS427
Purflux LS427A
Purflux LS581
Purflux LS939
Purolator AW5/2
Purolator L260
Purolator L30255
Purolator L30260
Purolator L37202
Purolator L37257
Purolator PC202
Purolator PC214
Purolator PC231
Purolator PC255
Purolator PC260
Quinton Hazell QOF2086
Ransomes Jacobsen 819154
Ransomes Jacobsen 8191540
Renault 5E+09
Renault 6E+09
Renault 6.01E+09
Renault 6.01E+09
Renault 6.01E+09
Renault 7.7E+09
Richier 5.52E+08
Rotair 099007S
Ryco R133
Ryco Z137
Sakura C1039
Sakura C-1822
Sakura C-6202
Sakura HC-1822
Savara 92802017
Savara 928115
Savara 92811511
Savara 92818317
Savara SO115
Schaeff 5.080.656.022
Schaeff 5.411.316.400
Schaeff 5.41E+09
Schaeffer 8.73E+08
Schneider 758101
SF Schupp SP4157
SF Schupp SP 4320
SF Schupp SP 4320/1
SF Schupp SP 4473
Sofima S7600R
Sogefi Pro FT3465
Sogefi Pro FT3465/SGP
Sotras SH8119
Sparex U64340
Steyr 710-10-332
Steyr 710.10.70.332
Still 133791
Still 133791
Sullair 237
Sullair 237
Sullair 261991
Sullair 68527266
Sure SFO4018
Sure SFO5240
Tamrock 71194347
Tecfil PS123
Tecfil PS124
Tecfil PSL123
Tecnocar R67
Teho OK50
Terex 6010178
Thwaites T51629
TJ Tecalemit FB2086
Toro 1083835
Toro 49-2500
Towmotor 971451
TRP 1534429
TRP 1534577
UFI 23.110.00
UFI 23.110.02
UFI 2311003
UFI 23.225.00
UFI 28.923.00
Unic 61584009
Unipart GFE317
Unipart GFE538
Ursus 5060738/0/UB
Valeo 586105
Valtra Valmet 1992338
Valtra Valmet 20120822
Valtra Valmet 20122208
Valtra Valmet 20452002
Valtra Valmet 8.36E+08
Valtra Valmet 8.36E+08
Valtra Valmet V20452002
Valtra Valmet V836120822
Vapormatic CPD5050
Vapormatic VPD5031
Vapormatic VPD5050
Vapormatic VPK5557
Vauxhall GM 25011302
Vauxhall GM 25012325
Vauxhall GM 25012425
Vauxhall GM 25012564
Vauxhall GM 25012636
Vauxhall GM 25012789
Vauxhall GM 25313738
Vauxhall GM 7984325
Vauxhall GM 7984340
Vauxhall GM 7984992
Vauxhall GM 9975189
Vetus VD20262
VME 41150059A
VME 4115059
Volvo 1.17E+08
Wacker Neuson 5906110
Wako WO103
Weidemann 5.17E+09
White 30-3483622
Winkler 2.65E+10
Wirtgen 1946
Wismet WOS18025
Wismet WOS18026
Wismet WOS45110
Wismet WOS45167
Wismet WOS45288
Wix 51283
Wix 51581
Wix 51609
Wix 51768
Wix 551283
Wix WL7245
Woodgate WGH6159
Woodgate WGL9029
Worthington 6.21E+09
Wytworni PP84
Wytworni PP84P
Wytworni PP871
Zetor 40571203
Zetor 00MU57120
Zetor 5060-7380
Zetor 93-407-505
Zetor TB93407505
Zettelmeyer 405712
Zettelmeyer 405712
Zettelmeyer 4057120
Zettelmeyer 40571203
Zettelmeyer MU57120
Zettelmeyer MU7512




SP 856 Oil Filter ALCO

  • Height [mm]:137,0
  • Thread Size:1-12UNF
  • Filter type:Spin-on Filter
  • Diameter [mm]:93,5
  • ALCO FILTER:Oil Filter
  • Item number:SP-856
  • Manufacturer part number:SP-856
  • Manufacturer:ALCO FILTER
Filter Type

Oil Filter




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