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SP-802 Oil Filter ALCO

SP-802 Oil Filter ALCO

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All our equivalent filters are manufactured to directly fit the factory filters and are a direct replacement for original equipment filters.

Brand Part number
Baldwin FBW-BT216
Fleetguard FFG-LF701
AC Delco PF939
AC Delco SC
AC Delco X21
AC Delco X4138E
AC Delco X4139E
Aebi 1057378
Agco 1447048M2
Alco SP-802
Alfa Romeo 1.17E+10
Alfa Romeo 116-76-0603000
Alfa Romeo 1.41E+11
Alfa Romeo 60507213
Alfa Romeo 6.05E+08
Allis Chalmers 62703506
Ammann 1-M00146
Ammann 80-M00146
AP Lockheed AP84302A
AP Lockheed AP84303
Argo 7018989A1
Asahi AMC NO-2224
Aston Martin 095.001.0110
Aveling Barford ABP3001575
Aveling Barford VS60311
Aveling Barford VST60311
Baldwin BT216
Baldwin BT216/1
Benati 1834110
Bobcat Melroe 6511766
Bomag 31400642
Bomag 96008237
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 0451203009-850
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+11
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 9.18E+09
Bosch 9.45E+09
Bosch P3194
Bosch P4067
Busse and Kuntze OA014
Case IH NH 1931136
Case IH NH 3118119-R1
Caterpillar 265-40242
Caterpillar 265-40249
Caterpillar 313361
Caterpillar 3I1296
Caterpillar 64-9229E
Caterpillar 69-4229
Caterpillar 69-4229E
Caterpillar 7W-2327
Caterpillar 7W6221
Caterpillar MCF00020
Caterpillar MCF0020
Champion C143/606
Chrysler Dodge 75065702
Chrysler Dodge 35128900
Chrysler Dodge 75061409
Citroen 5406242
Claas 1472250
Claas 79671.7
Claas 1472230
Claas 1472250
Claas 7520520
Claas 75205202
Claas 147223
Claas 147223
Claas 147224
Claas 147224
Claas 147225
Claas 147225
Claas 7520520
Clark 3679328
Clark 3777841
Clark 3981923
Clark 6511776
Clark 910535
Clean DO225B
Coopers Fiaam AZL109
Coopers Fiaam FT4863
Coopers Fiaam FT4863A
Coopers Fiaam LSB5110
Coopers Fiaam Z1036
Coopers Fiaam Z38
Coopers Fiaam Z7
Coopers Fiaam Z89
Coventry Climax PEC257003
Crosland 2107
Crosland 532
Crosland 630
Delphi Lucas CAV G000
Delphi Lucas CAV G070
Delphi Lucas CAV G085
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 13023284
Digoema DGM04863
Digoema DGM/O4863
Donaldson LFP554403
Donaldson P168090
Donaldson P554403
Donaldson P779152
Donit 431087
Doosan Daewoo D160552A
Doosan Daewoo D160552S
Doppstadt 9.95E+10
ERF P2654403
FAI FO1826364
FAI PK2654403
Farmland 147225N
FG Wilson 10000-51233
FG Wilson 901-102
Fiat 2223218
Fiat 4506839
Fiat 4523873
Fiat 70002503
Fiat 71736171
Fiat 72370000
Fiat 74511629
Fiat 83963907
Fil ZP3502
Fil ZP502/2
Filtration FTL1578
Filtration Control FCL7165
Filtration Control FCL719
Filtron OP563/1
Finn 1OM2531
Fleetguard LF701
Fleetrite LFR8701
Ford 3963907
Ford 5000513
Ford 5001025
Ford 505511
Ford 7072637
Ford 74HM-6714-BA
Ford A730X-6714-BA
Ford C77NN6714B
Ford E8NN6714BA
Ford V34778
Fram PH2803-2
Fram PH2804
Fram PH2804-1
Fram PH2821
Fram PH2821A
Fram PH2821A-1
Fram PH2821C
Fram PH2986
Fram PH4743
Gehl 5.5E+11
Gehl 78849
Genie 62427
Giesse CLH3021
Greyfriars 929S
Greyfriars 931S
Grove 8775918
Harmo S818
Harmo S866
Hengst H17W06
Hitachi 1930970
Hydrema 580205
Hymac 2700191
Hyster 259264
Hyster 259964
Hyster 3000231
Hyster 3000231-12
JCB 32/100284
Jungheinrich 14050590
Kalmar 1310602
Kalmar 1316602
Kalmar 921104
Kalmar PEC114916
Klemm 400090
Koehring 8030103
Koehring 8320242
Komatsu 20501K1470
Komatsu 618-051-5130
Komatsu 6810-51-5130
Komatsu Z14OF10044
Kralinator L64
Kramer 801592
Kramer 1E+09
Kramer 801592
Kubota 70000-14653
Kubota Z14OF-10044
Lancer Boss 8592441
Lancer Boss 8638703
Lancer Boss 9754776
Lancer Boss A8592441
Lautrette ELH4193
Lautrette ELH4310
Leyland Daf BL 554329
Leyland Daf BL 555329
Leyland Daf BL ABU8542
Leyland Daf BL AEU2218EVA
Linde Lansing 9830600
Linde Lansing 9.83E+03
Linde Lansing 3.12E+08
Linde Lansing 3.12E+08
Linde Lansing 9830600
Lindner 62654403
Luberfiner PH4403
M MH302
Mahle Knecht AW66
Mahle Knecht FO355
Mahle Knecht OC132
Mahle Knecht OC37
Manitou 133755
Manitou 171548
Manitou 211017
Mann 1014131S01
Mann W8004
Mann W934
Mann W 940/24
Mann W940/27
Mann W94047
Mann W940/67
Massey Ferguson 1447048
Massey Ferguson 1447048M
Massey Ferguson 1447048-M1
Massey Ferguson 1447048-M92
Massey Ferguson 1447982-M1
Massey Ferguson 2654410
Massey Ferguson 2654413
Massey Ferguson 2707136
Massey Ferguson 2862642M1
Massey Ferguson 3621011-M1
Massey Ferguson 3652517M91
Massey Ferguson 447048-M1
Massey Ferguson 881304M91
Matbro Bray 500018
McCormick 3540049M91
McCormick 701898A
McCormick 701898A1
Mengele 98046070
Merlo D163542
Motaquip VFL135
Motaquip VFL137
Motaquip VFL380
Motorcraft EFL074
Motorcraft EFL493
Motorcraft EFL74
Motorcraft FL329
Mustang 42532999
Napa 1806MP
New Holland 84284907
New Holland 84408226
New Holland 87346189
New Holland 87800083
New Holland 9613324
Nissan 10162-68S01
Nissan 10162-69S01
Nissan 1520-89X70A
Nissan 15208-Y9701
Nissan 993021
Nissan 993072
Orenstein and Koppel 103857
Orenstein and Koppel 1499423
Orenstein and Koppel 6900801
Orenstein and Koppel 8001088
Parker PER137
Pegaso 581473
Perkins 2654403
Perkins 2654405
Perkins 916579
Perkins 934623
Permatic ELH4126
Powertrain PMFL153
Powertrain PMFL56
Pro FH225B
Purflux LS753
Purolator L30137
Purolator L37237
Purolator L37251
Purolator L39204
Purolator ML30137
Purolator PC237
Rapid 149576
Renault 22714000
Renault 22714000
Renault 5E+09
Renault 5E+09
Renault 5E+09
Renault 6.01E+09
Renault 7505702
Renault 7.7E+09
Rico RT5001
Roots 5.57E+09
Ryco Z3853
Sakura C-5101
Samsung 6.01E+08
Sanderson FD8NN6714GA
Savara 92804100
Savara 92823917
Savara 928404
Savara 9.28.404.17
Savara 9.28.404.67
Savara SO404
Savara SO580
Schaeff 5.568.656.314
SF Schupp SP 4400
Shibaura 9.10E+13
Sofima S6040R
Sofima S9400R
Sogefi Pro FT3486
Sogefi Pro FT3486/SGP
Soparis CV440
Sparex M3354
Sparex S.40538
Sparex U03354
Sparex U40538
Stens 120752
Steyr 218520A1
Sure SFO4403
Tecfil PS900
Tecfil PSL900
Tecneco OL406
Tecnocar R406
Tecnocar R49
Tecnocar R65
Teho 4076
Teho OK76
Teledyne F600L03750
Thermoking Oct-13
Thwaites T2486
Tianjin T64101001
Tianjin T74105021
Timberjack 105113
Timberjack FMG8420531
TJ Tecalemit FB2058
TJ Tecalemit FB20583
TJ Tecalemit FB2068
TJ Tecalemit FB5400
Towmotor 694229
TRP 1500853
TRP 1534797
TRP 1535330
TRP 1535336
UFI 23.102.02
UFI 23.123.00
UFI 23.162.00
Unipart GFE116
Unipart GFE135
Unipart GFE181
Unipart GFE196
Unipart GFE295
Valtra Valmet 40531455
Valtra Valmet YT0512
Vapormatic VPA5004
Vapormatic VPD5004
Vapormatic VPD5012
Vauxhall GM 17984303
Vauxhall GM 25011130
Vauxhall GM 25011131
Vauxhall GM 7984229
Vauxhall GM 7984292
Vauxhall GM 7984844
Vauxhall GM 91097940
VME 41150068A
VME 4115065
VM Motori 41150068
Vogele 4.61E+09
Volvo 11711977
Volvo 484074
Volvo 484074-0
Volvo 484874
Weidemann 5.75E+09
White 31-2770467
Wille 35130220
Winkler 2.65E+10
Wismet WOS18015
Wix 312P
Wix 345P
Wix 51015
Wix 51016
Wix 51806
Wix 51806MP
Wix WF15P
Wix WL7114
Wix WL7118
Woodgate WGL2821
Wytworni PP89
Wytworni PP891
Yale and Towne 4.4E+08
Yale and Towne 5.15E+08




SP-802 Oil Filter ALCO (SP 802)


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