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BW5140 Spin-on Coolant Filters Baldwin



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All our equivalent filters are manufactured to directly fit the factory filters and are a direct replacement for original equipment filters.

Brand Part number
AC Delco WF102
AC Delco WF104
Alco SP1101
AP Lockheed AP3539A
Atlas Copco 5.54E+09
Aveling Barford SWT603052
Baldwin FBW-BW5140
Baldwin BW5140
Caterpillar 1W5518
Caterpillar 226-6566
Caterpillar 3I1254
Caterpillar 3I1285
Caterpillar 3I1291
Clark 2512644
Clark 963797
Coles 8769674
Coopers Fiaam Z241
Cummins 258264
Cummins 3315788
Donaldson CFP552055
Donaldson CFP554013
Donaldson P552055
Donaldson P554013
Donaldson P554074
ERF C3305370
Faun Frisch 4787502
Fiat 61259013
Fiat 70698281
Fiat 78300099
Fiat 78300224
Fleetguard FFG-WF2054
Fleetguard WF2014
Fleetguard WF2054
Fleetguard WF2054A
Fleetguard WF2055
Fleetguard WF2066
Fleetguard WF2145
Fleetrite WFR82014
Fleetrite WFR82054
Fleetrite WFR82055
Fleetrite WFR82056
Fleetrite WFR82066
Foden Y02729105
Foden Y05013401
Ford 749F-8A469-BAA
Fram PR3753
Fram PR7570
Hengst H29WF
Hifi Hirschi Jura WE2055
Hifi Hirschi Jura WE2075
Ingersoll Rand 56985971
John Deere AR94652
Kawasaki YE3100304
Kenworth K251-341
Kenworth KW-2054
Kenworth KW-2055
Komatsu 600-411-1030
Komatsu 600-411-1160
Komatsu 600-411-1161
Komatsu 600-411-1170
Komatsu 600-411-1171
Komatsu 600-411-1420
Komatsu CUWF2054
Kralinator W300
Liebherr 7402019
Locker Airmaze AMW2054
Locker Airmaze AMW2056
Luberfiner 2434
Luberfiner LFW2055
Luberfiner LFW4013
Luberfiner LFW5870
Luberfiner PW4013
Mahle Knecht WFC15
MAN 5.11E+10
Mann WA9190
Motorcraft FW8
Napa 4074
Orenstein and Koppel 1413608
Orenstein and Koppel 4799646
Orenstein and Koppel 763554
Perry PFC24A
Poclain X13505-58
Purolator PW4455
Purolator W64455
Renault 5E+09
Renault 5E+09
Rolls Royce OE46263
Sakura WC-6901
Sakura WC-7101
SF Schupp SW 1636
Sisu 1.7E+09
Sure SFC2055
Van Hool 6.32E+08
Vauxhall GM 23507189
Vauxhall GM 23508426
Vauxhall GM 23508427
Vauxhall GM 6439696
Vauxhall GM 6439700
Volvo 2.07E+08
Volvo 79286795
White 20-7010002
White 27118239
Wismet WWA49023
Wix 24074
Woodgate WGW2056
Woodgate WGW9096





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