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B161/S Spin-on Lube Filters Baldwin

Baldwin lube filter spin-on protect your engine from wear particles that can otherwise lead to premature parts failure. Longer drain intervals requires filters that have both high capacity and the ability to withstand the rigors of time and temperature without failing or going into bypass. Baldwin’s lube filters are up to the challenge.



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All our equivalent filters are manufactured to directly fit the factory filters and are a direct replacement for original equipment filters.

Brand Part number
AC Delco PF1051
AC Delco PF1230
AC Delco PF867
AC Delco PF967
AC Delco X120
AC Delco X147
AC Delco X24
AC Delco X4095E
AC Delco X46
AC Delco X56
Alco SP-897
Alco SP-919
Alco SP-937
Alco SP-959
Amazon B0CW6LCJX6
AP Lockheed AP1080
AP Lockheed AP1080B
AP Lockheed AP3248A
AP Lockheed AP3249
AP Lockheed AP3249A
AP Lockheed LK-1016
AP Lockheed LK-1080
AP Lockheed LK-1080B
AP Lockheed LK-1191
AP Lockheed LK-3837
Asahi AMC 519K
Asahi AMC DO716S
Asahi AMC HO-823
Asahi AMC MO519
Asahi AMC MO-523
Atlas Copco M-49
Baldwin FBW-B161-S
Baldwin 50009009
Baldwin B161-S
Baldwin B199
Beta Marine 211-60390
Blue Print ADL ADD62105
Blue Print ADL ADM52106
Bobcat Melroe 6657635
Bobcat Melroe 7004996
Bolens 1863399
Bomag 5742439
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 0451103158-30N
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch 0986452007OPEL
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch 0986AF0065
Bosch 1-986-452-006
Bosch 1.99E+09
Bosch 3312
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 4.51E+08
Bosch 72151
Bosch 8244H
Bosch 9E+09
Bosch 9E+09
Bosch 9.18E+09
Bosch 9.18E+09
Bosch 9-457-282-440
Bosch 986-452-006
Bosch 9.86E+08
Bosch BOF1026
Bosch BOF1042
Bosch BOF1055
Bosch BOF2036
Bosch OF110
Bosch OF112
Bosch OF151
Bosch OF155
Bosch OF165
Bosch P2006
Bosch P2036
Carrier Transicold ########
Carrier Transicold 25-15038-00
Carrier Transicold 3.05E+08
Carrier Transicold 30-50327-00
Carrier Transicold 3.06E+08
Carrier Transicold 94-5539
Case IH NH 125282A1
Case IH NH 993862-C1
Caterpillar 120-0664
Champion F208
Champion OF16
Chieftain 8.94E+08
Citroen 5417584
Citroen 5431605
Citroen 5443746
Citroen 5443746C
Citroen 5476207
Citroen 5491133
Citroen 75492170
Citroen 75492440
Citroen 75492740
Citroen 75921440
Clean DN289
Coopers Fiaam FT4797
Coopers Fiaam FT4908
Coopers Fiaam FT5147
Coopers Fiaam Z226
Coopers Fiaam Z68
Coopers Fiaam Z68A
Coopers Fiaam Z916
Coopers Fiaam Z920
Crosland 2071
Crosland 2095
Crosland 314
Crosland 662
Crosland 672/8
Daihatsu 1.56E+09
Daihatsu 15601-87310-LOC
Delphi Lucas CAV F6467
Delphi Lucas CAV F6477
Delphi Lucas CAV F6591
Delphi Lucas CAV F6594
Delphi Lucas CAV F6595
Delphi Lucas CAV FX0022
Delphi Lucas CAV FX0067
Deutz AG Fahr KHD 12850312
Digoema DGMO45055
Donaldson P502051
Donaldson P502438
Donaldson P552849
Donaldson P779164
Dynalife CN2849A
Dynalife CN3807
Eurogarden 4304677
Facet 2849
Fiat 5443476
Fiat 5443646
Fil ZP3026A
Fil ZP585
Fil ZP94
Filtration FTL1505
Filtration FTL1656
Filtration Control FCL7224
Filtron OP554/1
Filtron OP623
Finn FFUP419
Fleetguard FFG-LF716
Fleetguard LF16103
Fleetguard LF16157
Fleetguard LF16354
Fleetguard LF3536
Fleetguard LF3776
Fleetguard LF3812
Fleetguard LF716
Fleetrite LFR83536
Fleetrite LFR83776
Fleetrite LFR83812
Fleetrite LFR8716
Ford 5003173
Ford 5003202
Ford 5003456
Ford 5004388
Ford 5005079
Ford 5005080
Ford 5009422
Ford 5012039
Ford 5016963
Ford 5016964
Ford 5018026
Ford 5022738
Ford 5022798
Ford A760X6714SA
Ford A760X6714TA
Ford A770X-6714-GA
Ford A780X-6714-AA
Ford A780X-6714-MA
Ford A780X-6714-NA
Ford A820X6714EA
Ford A830X6714ASA
Ford D276731A
Ford D27Z-6731-A
Ford D27Z-6731-ADP
Ford D2P6714AA
Ford D2PJ-6714-AA
Ford D2PJ6724AA
Ford D2Z6713A
Ford D87Z-6731-A
Ford E92Z-6731-A
Ford E92Z-9731-A
Forgeville B1007
Fram DG2849A
Fram P3807A
Fram PH2849A
Fram PH2871
Fram PH2897A
Fram PH3516
Fram PH3592
Fram PH3807
Fram PH3807A
Fram PH3917
Fram PH4913
Fram PH5195
Fuji FPS200A
Gehl 121433
Gehl 5.49E+11
Gehl 5.49E+11
Gehl 5.72E+11
Gehl 5.72E+11
Genie 866050
Giesse CLH409/1
Giesse CLH433
Greyfriars 9013S
Greyfriars 9039S
Greyfriars 932S
Greyfriars 958S
Guiot GH2897
Halfords HOF228
Halfords HOF256
Harmo S850
Hengst H90W25
Hengst H90W25GM
Hifi Hirschi Jura SO6117YANMAR
Hino 15607-1260
Honda 13400-PH1-004
Honda 15220-PC6-003
Honda 15220-PC6-004
Honda 15400-PC6-000
Honda 15400-PC6-003
Honda 15400-PC6-004
Honda 15400-PH1-003
Honda 15400-PH1-004
Honda 15400-PH1-014
Honda 15400-PH1-F02
Honda 15400-PK1-003
Hyster 324692
Hyundai S2630035A00
Hyundai XJAU00498
Hyundai XJAU00890
Ingersoll Rand 85426856
Ingersoll Rand 92950500
Isuzu 5-13240-018-0
Isuzu 8-94135-741-1
Isuzu 8-94251-110-11
Isuzu 8-94412-815-0
Isuzu 8-94459-700-0
Isuzu 9-44128-15
John Deere M801002
Jungheinrich 14115570
Komatsu 1.9E+09
Komatsu 3EB-15-31550
Komatsu 8FG-123-8029A
Komatsu YM129150-35160
Komatsu YMR001182
Kralinator F132
Kralinator L365
Kralinator L60
Kralinator L60A
Kralinator V321
Kramer 1.00E+12
Kramer 1E+09
Kubota 15241-3209-0
Kubota 15841-32439
Kubota 16271-3209-0
Kubota 16271-3209-2
Kubota 16271-32093
Kubota HH10632093
Kubota HH152-32432
Lautrette ELH4091
Lautrette ELH4255
Lautrette ELHA4091
Leyland Daf BL LRF000020
Leyland Daf BL LRF100120
Libra 8E66020781
Luberfiner PH2700
Luberfiner PH2805
Luberfiner PH2849
Luberfiner PH2867
M MH3315
M MH3319
M MH3319X
Mahle Knecht AW33
Mahle Knecht OC115
Mahle Knecht OC277
Mahle Knecht OC8
Mann W719/11
Mann W813/83
Mann W814/80
Mann W81480OPEL
Mazda 81323802
Mazda 82014300
Mazda 86623803
Mazda 238-173
Mazda 370-23-803
Mazda 813-23-802
Mazda 813-23-802A
Mazda 813-23-802B
Mazda 8173-23-802
Mazda 820-23-300
Mazda 820-23-800
Mazda 866-23-802
Mazda 866-23-803
Mazda 8FG112802
Mazda 8FG1238029
Mazda 8FG12-38-029A
Mazda F802-23-802
Mazda HE19-23-802
Mazda HF19-23-802
Mazda Y70114302A
Menzi Muck 825004
Micro F73
Micro MTW10
Micro T57
Micro T8204
Micro T8206
Micro T9339
Mio MH551
Mitsubishi MM315200
Motaquip VFL155
Motaquip VFL157
Motaquip VFL204
Motaquip VFL230
Motaquip VFL339
Motorcraft AFL56
Motorcraft EFL091
Motorcraft EFL124
Motorcraft EFL129
Motorcraft EFL130
Motorcraft EFL319
Motorcraft EFL320
Motorcraft EFL361
Motorcraft EFL383
Motorcraft FL2007
Motorcraft FL295
Motorcraft FL295-DP
Motorcraft FL752
Motorcraft FL799
Napa 1344
Napa 1347
Napa 1568
Napa 21347
Napa 91347
Nipparts 131302
Nipparts 131307
Nipparts 131406
Nipparts J131303
Nipparts J1314004
Nipparts J1314010
Nipparts J1314013
Nipparts J131404
Nipparts J131605
Nippon Denso 80640-0040
Nissan 43800002
NKK 4M108
Noitech NO022180
Onan 185-5835
Orenstein and Koppel 2907746
Pel Job E7417534
Pennzoil PZ14
Permatic GL205
Powerflo LER73
Purflux 6.12E+09
Purflux LS105
Purflux LS150
Purflux LS350
Purflux LS460
Purflux LS490
Purflux LS705
Purolator AW50
Purolator FC142
Purolator FCO73
Purolator L20073
Purolator L28142
Purolator L2849
Purolator OF2849
Purolator PC245
Purolator PER4004
Purolator PER4458
Purolator PER73
Purolator PER74
Purolator PL24458
Quinton Hazell QOF5307
Quinton Hazell QOF5488
Ransomes Jacobsen 557759
Renault 6.01E+09
Renault 7.7E+09
Ryco R2270P
Ryco Z193
Ryco Z44
Sakai 4.21E+09
Sakura C-1517
Sakura C-1606
Sakura C-1607
Sakura C-1608
Sakura C-1701
Sakura C-1713
Sakura C-1725
Savara 92814211
Savara 928244
Savara 928595
Savara SO244
Schaeff 5.527.662.013
SDMO 3.3E+08
SDMO 3.3E+08
SF Schupp SP 4028
SF Schupp SP 4379
Sofima S2400R
Sofima S3243R
Sogefi Pro FT7540
Sogefi Pro FT7540/SGP
Solid Auto M202009
Soparis CV424
Soparis CV448
Sotras SH8221
Subaru 30887-2100
Sullair 415673
Sullair 68415673
Sunward 7.30E+11
Sure SFO9515
Tecafiltres 9350576
Tecfil PS284
Tecfil PSL136
Tecneco OL42T
Tecneco OL994
Tecnocar R359
Tecnocar R42
Tecnocar R48
Tecnocar R511
Tecnocar R94
Teho 4144
Teho OK144
Teho OK60
Teho OK91
Thermoking 1115522
Thermoking Nov-12
Thermoking Nov-82
Thermoking Nov-51
Thermoking Dec-82
Thermoking Dec-51
Thermoking Dec-82
Thermoking Nov-12
Thermoking Nov-82
TJ Tecalemit FB2098
TJ Tecalemit FB5307
TJ Tecalemit FB5488
Tokyo Roki C406
Tokyo Roki C805
Toyota 15601-87310
TRP 1500856
TVH Match 1269816
UFI 23.151.00
UFI 23.243.00
UFI 23.252.00
Union C-532
Union PF2849
Unipart GFE203
Unipart GFE232
Unipart GFE276
Unipart GFE314
Unipart GFE37
Valeo 586109
Vapormatic VPD5101
Vauxhall GM 12339037
Vauxhall GM 12339909
Vauxhall GM 25011354
Vauxhall GM 25011574
Vauxhall GM 25067066
Vauxhall GM 25161878
Vauxhall GM 25161879
Vauxhall GM 6439354
Vauxhall GM 6439355
Vauxhall GM 6439517
Vauxhall GM 6439518
Vauxhall GM 649006
Vauxhall GM 7984866
Vauxhall GM 8.93E+08
Vauxhall GM 94412815
Vauxhall GM 94459700
Volvo 11713241
Volvo 14523962
Volvo 15066070
Volvo 7417534
Wacker Neuson 1E+09
Wacker Neuson 1.19E+11
Wacker Neuson 4505549
Wako LO720K
Wako LO912K
Wipac CA110
Wipac CA113
Wipac CA167
Wirtgen 2160199
Wismet WOS18176
Wismet WOS45031
Wix 14
Wix 347P
Wix 51344
Wix 51347
Wix WL7102
Wix WL7108
Woodgate WGL716
Worthington 114188
Wytworni PP464
Wytworni PP474O
Yale and Towne 5.9E+09
Yale and Towne 9.01E+08
Yale and Towne 9015174
Yale and Towne 9015174-00
Yanmar 119005-35100
Yanmar 1.19E+10
Yanmar 1.19E+10
Yanmar 119005-35170
Yanmar 11910035100SHORT
Yanmar 124085-35111





Baldwin spin-on lube filters protect your engine from wear particles that can otherwise lead to premature parts failure.

Technical Specifications

Product Type:Full-Flow Lube Spin-on

Contains:Anti-Drainback Valve; 20 PSID By-Pass Valve

Thread Size:M20 x 1.5

Outside Diameter:3 1/32 (77.0)

Length:4 1/16 (103.2)

Gasket:Integral Gasket: [1] Included

Micron Rating:18 Nominal; 40 Absolute

Application:Acura, Ford, Honda, Mazda Automotive; Kubota Engines

Compatible Competitor Part Number: Ford D87Z-6731-A; Mazda 8173-23-802

Brand: Baldwin


  • Automotive
  • Heavy-duty on-highway transportation
  • Commercial trucks and buses
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation 
  • Product Style: Lube Filter
  • Technology: Filtration



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